You can now inflict „9999 emotional damage“ on Dogecoin fudsters using Dogepedia

Product Lead at the Dogecoin Foundation Timothy Stebbing announced a new tool in “the war against Dogecoin FUD” – Dogepedia.

Stebbing’s recommended action when encountering fear, uncertainty, and doubt is to refer the fudster to Dogepedia and inflict “9999 emotional damage” on the guilty party.

Hey #dogecoin, there’s a new weapon in the war against dogecoin FUD, we call it the Dogepedia!

How to use:
1. encounter FUD
2. link article from dogepedia
3. 9999 emotional damage

— Timothy Stebbing (@tjstebbing) July 27, 2022

Dogecoin Foundation release Dogepedia

Dogepedia is a comprehensive directory of all things Dogecoin, including guides and FAQs. But, unlike Wikipedia, the content is not user-generated, nor can it be edited by anyone, which may be advantageous in keeping the content correct.

“Dogepedia is the resource containing Documentation, Guides, FAQs and Resources related to Dogecoin. The place to be for all shibes trying to learn about Dogecoin and crypto. Such knowledge! Much wow!”

The listed sections include Dogecoin basics, wallets, using your DOGE, community and ecosystem, running nodes, mining, development, how-tos, and FAQ and FUD. Each section contains several links to break the topic down further.

Interestingly, the FAQ and FUD section addressed multiple criticisms leveled at the meme coin, including it being a joke, a lack of utility, and having no hard cap. On Dogecoin being a joke, Dogepedia said:

“Despite Dogecoin’s genesis as a joke, though, more and more people are beginning to realise Dogecoin’s utilitarian value as a legitimate, efficient, and functional currency.”

How to get involved

Although the currently available content covers the most widely asked questions, Stebbing acknowledged that Dogepedia is a work-in-progress and requires input from the community.

He said community members can contact dev @inevitable360 and node operator @mishaboar to contribute to articles or chat about Dogecoin. While not the “perfect” system to build out a directory of content, Stebbing commented that it is the best way to garner community input at present.

“We know it’s not perfect (yet!) but we’re hoping this will be a resource the whole community can #BUIDL and use.“

Meanwhile, DOGE formed a local bottom at $0.0489 on June 18. This zone represents a strong level of support, having bounced at this level on two recent previous occasions.

Since then, a relatively sideways pattern has played out, with the $0.0788 price level proving tough resistance to crack. During this phase, the accompanying volume has been flat.

Wednesday saw 9% gains to close the day at $0.0674. Today sees a continuation of buying as DOGE looks to retest $0.07.

Source: DOGEUSDT on TradingView.comPosted In: Dogecoin, Memecoins

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